Why does the rain never arrive on time, it was supposed to be gone by midday. Instead, we all got doused as we arrived. Aside from the usual eating drinking and much talking, the workday consisted of two main themes. One was to clear the herb-spiral and surrounding area to the north of the greenhouse. Sheltered from the North by our new hedgerow, and fruit trees, it is now cleared, measured up and awaiting detailed plans, although I fear the bindweed and brambles may rebound if we are not quick.

Brendan and Ken taking a breather

Clearing for the new vegetable area Jan 2010

The other project was in the greenhouse. Our irrigation system is a source of much interest, as latterly has been the hydroponic bathtub. But last year the tomato bed was too dry (with a poor yield), and the bathtub too wet (the overflow outlet was bunged up with soil – cold wet and messy to unbung). So after much discussion, we agreed to shorten the Tomato bed, and sink a bath into one end of it. Well it nearly fits, in need of a cold chisel and a hacksaw to complete the job. Oh, and then a method to fill and empty it, which will be interesting. Oh, and rebuild the flushing mechanism for the remainder. Now whose good idea was it ?

Greenhouse discussions

Gary discussing permaculture design with Kat

For lunch, we tucked into beetroot soup (afraid the beetroot was not from the patch – must grow more!), followed by a great stew from Gary – mild so long as you didn’t bite into a chilli.