Water Minimisation Project

Why do it ?

  • It is a common mistake to give too much too often when watering vegetables ! This encourages
    o Leaf instead of root growth in root crops
    o Leaf and stem growth at the expense of fruit eg Tomatoes, Peas and Beans
  • Mains water is processed and chlorinated for drinking. Using it for watering gardens is a waste.
  • Collected water is purified and pumped by sun and clouds and is free
  • As part of the overall aims of the garden, we want to demonstrate ideas on garden watering to others

Saving Water

  • Save rainfall on all garden roofs (inc. Dip tank covers)
  • Store a maximum percentage of total garden requirements
  • Apply only as much as is required by each plant and apply where it is best utilised
  • Minimise evaporation by keeping the soil well mulched and in good heart, with a high humus content.

Save work

  • Design automatic watering in Greenhouses using capillary mats, hydroponics, seep hoses, drip nozzles and by channelling
  • Dip tanks numerous and conveniently placed all round garden
  • Dip tanks filled simultaneously (all on a common level and linked)
  • Provision made for emergencies (mains hose from adjoining allotment site)
  • Watering regime noted on Bed Boards
  • Overflow pipe to top up wildlife ponds
    Close-up shot of greenhouse watering system

    Close-up shot of greenhouse watering system

    Progress to date

  • Water collected from shed
  • Water collected from small greenhouse – used for dip tanks (Greenhouse removed 2009, tank remains !)
  • Water collected from large greenhouse
    • Feeds 3 high level toilet cisterns for semi-automatic irrigation
    • Feeds 2 baths which double as heat stores and seating area/planters
    • Feeds 2 dip tanks, one alongside greenhouse, other halfway along garden
    • Dip tanks around site – filled by temporary syphoning
  • Large greenhouse
    • Gutter based Irrigation system- Urinal cistern to automate flow
    • Benches and pipework for 2 baths
    • Organise overflow out of greenhouse
    • Hydroponic bed on top of bath – sitting on ex-fridge shelving
    • Pebble seedbed ontop of the other bath
  • Overflow to top up main pond

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