Each summer the garden entertains children from local schools. This article describes one from Hillbourne School a few years ago.

These little visitors aged between six and seven were bubbling with enthusiasm as they arrived at the Organic Patch. During the visit they undertook several small projects, but the most popular was our main man Mark with his creepy crawlies.

Mark showing Hillborne schoolchildren wildlife in the compost bins

Mark showing Hillborne schoolchildren wildlife in the compost bins

Mark had been round the garden earlier capturing some of the finer species and these were passed around excitedly, inside small plastic containers. The children also did some pond dipping which they enjoyed as water and children always seem to go together. We also managed to establish that vegetables grow in the soil and that the garden was not a supermarket ! They sampled some wild strawberries. The visit was too short as far as Mark and the children were concerned and mark was still chatting away to them as they boarded the bus.

The school did another visit, and others have since. We hope to continue these visits for other schools. In this way we hope to educate our children who we hope in turn will grow with the objectives of preservation and care of the planet in the forefront of their minds. If you’re interested in enhancing sports facilities, you can go to https://www.schoolplaygroundpainting.co.uk/sport/soccer.


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