Insect Food

Bird Boxes – birds are territorial, and have many predators, especially our feline friends. So our bird boxes are tucked high in the mature trees, spread out around the site.  We tried nailing a kettle to the wall in the compound for the robin, but I think the resident cat and frequent foxes rather put them off. You don’t have to be turning the soil over for long before a Robin appears to check for tasty morsals.

Thorny hedges – because of the cover and protection from cats, thorny hedge plants provide good nesting sites.

Berry producing bushes

  • Hawthorn
  • Blackthorn
  • Firethorn
  • Blackberries
  • Holly and Ivy

Some Native Trees

  • Sallow,
  • Willow,
  • Oak,
  • Hazel and Birch

It is a mistake to feed birds with lots of nuts and seeds, this leads to oversupply of food around the year, which in turn decimates the natural moth population when the birds are feeding a young brood.

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