Comfrey has long been known in Britain as a medicinal herb, its common name was ‘knitbone’, because it  assists in healing broken bones and skin complaints. Many people still use products from it for those purposes.

Unfortunately some people have a skin allergy to the spiky leaves and stems.

Comfrey also known as knitbone

Comfrey also known as knitbone

Comfrey has the following properties for the organic garden

  • Dynamic Accumulator – Deep tap roots bring up essential minerals especially Potassium
  • Fresh weight it contains higher percentages of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash than farmyard manure
  • Herbaceous perennial, can be cut 3 or 4 times per year yielding up to lbs. per plant per cut
  • Needs little care and attention
  • Cut leaves can be used directly on the soil as a slow release plant food and mulch
  • Cut leaves can be compressed to rot down and produce a foul smelling black liquid that makes an excellent liquid plant feed
Liquid fertilizer from Comfrey Leaves

Liquid fertilizer from Comfrey Leaves

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