(Based on a Monty and Sarah Don recipie)

Two hearts or a small basketful of Chard from the garden, two large Cloves of Garlic roughly chopped, two tablespoons Olive Oil, large pinch dried Chilli flakes (or fresh chopped Chilli if you like it hotter), Lemon juice and Salt.

Strip the Chard leaves from the stems. Wash the leaves leaving a little water on them. Soften the Garlic in the Oil, add Chilli and Chard leaves and cook until soft but still bright green. Add Lemon juice and Salt to taste. Serve on Toast or as part of a meal. Gary Finch.


I’ve been cropping Spinach from my allotment in Dartford for some weeks now and the only way to cook it, (I’ll brook no argument), is as for the Chard in the above recipe submitted by Gary for a previous newsletter-

Barry Adams.

Chard, it’s a love it or loathe it ‘Green’ especially with Children. Easily grown, Chard has no serious pests, even the Slugs agree with the children, the children who turn up their noses that is! Simplified cultural instructions would be – “throw the seeds on the veg plot and stand back”. The more fertile the soil the bigger the plants will grow and if you allow a couple of plants to set seed you will have more than enough easily transplanted, self set seedlings to meet all your needs. A Potager favourite this decorative plant is super nutritious and with a minimum of protection will crop throughout the year. Surely a plant well worth cultivating and a taste well worth acquiring!

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